Tyre Recycling System

tyre recycling plant

Tyre Recycling System


The Tyre Recycling System is suitable for the following items

  • Car and commercial tyres
  • Truck tyres
  • O.T.R. tyres

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The Tyre Recycling Systems are fully automatic, whereby manual debeading of the tyres is not necessary. These systems feature ambient temperature processing, and don’t create any form of secondary pollution. Easy to operate and maintain, it only requires basic training to handle the plants.


  • The pre-shredding system can be equipped with bolted cutting tools to minimise the operational cost and simplify maintenance of the line
  • The two-stage rasper system effectively liberates the steel from the rubber, enabling effective separations and the production of clean wire
  • The fine granulation system is equipped with a special rotor designed specifically for the tyre rubber size reduction. This ensures maximum throughput, whilst minimising the amount of fines created. The machine is also optimised for low operational and wear costs
  • Textile and dust is aspirated at several positions of the recycling system
  • Dust from the entire system is extracted through a central Reverse Jet Filtration System
  • System automation ensures that components actions are linked, the system capacity is maximised and the system is protected against interfering material in the best way