PP/PE Film Washing System

PP/PE Film Washing System


The PP/PE Film Washing Plant is suitable for the following items

  • Agricultural films
  • Recovered films from MSW or MRFs
  • Films recovered from landfills
  • Post-industrial or post-consumer films
  • Big bags (raffia)

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The PE/PP Film System is designed for washing plastic films with contamination levels exceeding 80%, minimizing the recycling water flow rate and evaporation losses. The pre-treatment module of the system is equipped with wear resistant design to maximize system up time. The pre-shredding and pre-washing system removes abrasive materials such as sand and grit, while the shredding system is designed specifically for film materials to create a uniform particle size, easy for washing and drying.


  • High speed washing system optimized according to the specific material type
  • Liberates and separates contamination from film flakes
  • Under-water force-washing paddles in washing tanks maximizes the washing efficiency
  • The drag chain discharge device regulates the material discharge speed and minimizes the water volume sent to the drying process
  • Mechanical (centrifugal and squeezing) and thermal drying systems control the moisture content of the finished product
  • Shredding, high speed washing and drying stages are optimized to avoid over processing
  • Intelligent system automation ensures that components actions are sequenced and monitored
  • Ensures system capacity is maximized and the system is protected against materials that cannot be shredded